Mario Rosales

A Tech-Life Balance Consultant and Technology Strategist

Helping businesses and individuals with strategic use of technology and balanced living using his Tech-Life Balance Philosophy.

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Mario has a unique approach to entrepreneurial and personal growth practices. He blends shamanism, Taoism, leadership knowledge and technology expertise to solve business, personal and team-oriented problems.

Through shamanic practices, Mario brings a spiritual component to business not found anywhere else. Working with him, you see his steadiness as he integrates the Tao and ancient wisdom into his unique perspective. His leadership knowledge and 20+ years experience in technology (small sized to Fortune 500 companies) helps him find solutions that not only resolve day-to-day problems but create long-term solutions that are adaptable, easy to integrate, and allow more time for personal and family enjoyment.

Mario’s goal is to have a life of balance within ourselves, our families, the world, and our ever-busy daily lives overloaded with technology. Tech Life Balance helps you create a lifestyle that reflects your true essence, blending relationships, family, and business while allowing you to feel connected to the world around you so you don’t miss another precious moment of life.

Tech-Life Balance Program

As you work smarter, not harder, you’ll find you have much more free time for life! This is often when emotional and relationship concerns surfaces that may have been neglected while you were “lost in busy”. I have created programs and services along my own journey that can help you.  The Tech-Life Program includes everything listed below or you can try individual services as each one can change your life.  Working together, you will learn some of my personal discoveries after going through the same complex challenges you now face.  Contact me for more information.




I.T./Business Consulting

Whether it’s social media, website, server or personal computer problems, we will look at all your technology and find solutions that are right for your unique lifestyle. While we are at it, we will also find solutions that reduces time and money, resolving issues in ways that they are easy to understand and can grow with you.

Tech Life Consulting

We will look to see how to use technology in your day to day routines and business. Every individual is different and requires an individual approach. Sometimes shifting how you use technology makes a big difference!  I can train you to best use technology in your daily life.

Life Balance Consulting

We all get overwhelmed!  Sometimes it’s because of the way we are living and we don’t even realize it. Using my Tech-life Balance philosophy I can help you find that time you can’t ever seem to find. This is a team effort and I am with you every step of the way.

Other Services

  • Online Community Building
  • Social Media Analysis/Consulting
  • Website Analysis/Consulting
  • Email Everywhere Service
  • Smart Home Integration
  • I.T. Services


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